The Six-pack bible Women’s edition is carefully designed for optimal fat loss & «the hourglass body» results.

Women look for a fit hourglass six-pack that’s going to make you stand out from the crowd.
The Six-pack bible Women’s edition is filled with lifelong knowledge for a fit lifestyle. It’s designed in such a way that having The hourglass body should be obvious & effortless due to the smart approach to the lifestyle & fitness knowledge provided to you in the Women’s edition. This is not a typical «get fit quick» plan. This is a lifestyle, The Six-pack bible Lifestyle. The question now is, are you ready to get your hourglass body?


The Six-pack bible is focusing on the mentality + workouts required behind the Lifestyle that’s going to transform you body to your desire. It’s how you can simply just apply couple habits & keep going on about your life as your body is working for you without you having to «Think» about getting fit. This is not for everyone tho!. If you are only planning on putting in 50% effort I would advise you to not invest your time into The Six-pack bible. This is for the women who really want a healthy long lasting lifestyle change as fast & effective as possible.

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